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How to Measure Wedding Band Ring Size at Home

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You can check your ring size in 3 ways, as outlined below

Option 1: Use a ring sizer to accurately measure your finger

Ring Sizer
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If you’re wondering how to measure ring size accurately, a downloadable, printable ring sizer tool is a trustworthy way to find the correct ring size for your finger.

Step 1: Download the ring sizer online tool, print it out to the correct size. Download a ring sizer here.

Ring Sizer

Step 2: Once printed, measure the bar to ensure it is precisely 3 inches. If the size is incorrect, check the printing settings – on the print dialog box, ensure the page scaling is set to ‘none’ and print at hull size.

Step 3: Cut out the tool. Wrap the tool around the knuckle (the widest part of the finger) and keep wrapping around the finger till it feels like a snug fit. Check where the arrow end points to. The number that is closest to the arrow point on the ring sizer tool is your ring size. Hash marks visible between numbers indicate half sizes. If your unsure, its recommended to move up to the next largest half size.

Alternatively, you can request for a free ring sizer and get it in the mail by clicking here.

Option 2: Place any ring you currently own on a men’s and women’s printable ring size chart

Use a ring that fits you well as a reference to measure your ring size. The following true-to-size chart can help you match a ring to the circles pictorially depicted on the chart to indicate various ring size measurements.

Ring Sizer

Option 3: Use string or floss

One of the easiest options, you can make a DIY ring sizer with string or a piece of floss. Starting at the base of your ring finger, wrap the string or floss around the finger and mark the exact point where the material overlaps with a pen. Then, measure the length up to the marked point using a ruler. You’ve got the circumference of your finger.

Once you know the circumference of the finger being sized in millimeters, use this chart for converting the length to ring size. If you’re unsure, move up to the next largest half size.

Size 139.1 mm
Size 1.540.4 mm
Size 241.6 mm
Size 2.542.9 mm
Size 344.0 mm
Size 3.545.2 mm
Size 446.5 mm

Size 4.547.8 mm
Size 549.0 mm
Size 5.550.3 mm
Size 651.7 mm
Size 6.553.1 mm
Size 754.3 mm
Size 7.555.6 mm

Size 857.2 mm
Size 8.558.4 mm
Size 959.7 mm
Size 9.560.9 mm
Size 1062.2 mm
Size 10.563.5 mm
Size 1164.7 mm

Size 11.566.0 mm
Size 1267.2 mm
Size 12.568.5 mm
Size 1369.7 mm
Size 13.571.0 mm

Top Tip: Measure multiple times for maximum accuracy!

Ring Sizer PDF

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