A seaport city on the West Coast of the United States, Seattle has all the reasons why people love to live, work and stay in the fabric of this city. Famous for its parks and beaches, TV and entertainments, coffee, Pink Place Market and Space Needle, Seattle is completely worth all the praises.

As far as the locals of Seattle are concerned, the city is synonymous to style and fashion. From bold pieces of art to subtle everyday wear jewelry, the locals of Seattle carry each look with equal grace and style.

The locals of Seattle love adorning unique, contemporary jewelry ranging from big hoops to vintage bands to delicate jewelry and any other accessory. With the rise of platforms that facilitate online sale of accessories, watches and jewelry, a spur has been seen in the Seattle locals as they love online shopping.

At My Bridal Ring, you will find a comprehensive collection of irresistible jewels that speak to you. A wide array of bands that are full of variety, excellent designs, and creative cuts and available in all variants, they are sure to make your heart melt.

For years, My Bridal Ring has been selling wedding bands, engagement bands, anniversary bands and eternity bands to customers all over America. On our platform, you get a wide selection of the best GIA certified diamonds at the most reasonable price.

Curated specially for you, our designs are made by expert craftsmen and are made in the perfect fashion for a superior look. Additionally, our platform also provides for expert advice from our staff members who are well-trained and help you pick the best designs for yourself or your loved ones.

The timeless treasure gives our bands a luxurious look and ensures a comfort fit design for every band that you buy. Our services like lifetime free inspection and cleaning are easily availed by all our clients in Seattle and other cities of America.

Visit our website today for the best bands online! If you are looking for couple bands for him and her, your search ends here as this design can be matched with your partner’s design making it a marvelous combination for you both.

Men's Wedding Band

For the most magical wedding bands, just like your relationship, shop from My Bridal Ring with exquisite, innovative, fancy and stylish men’s wedding bands for your special someone.

Women's Wedding Band

Wedding bands symbolize love, commitment, promises and affection. Let your timeless vows become a memory of lifetime with our GIA certified women’s wedding bands as you embark the institution of marriage forever and beyond

Eternity Bands

We are sellers of a wide range of statement pieces like GIA certified wedding bands, customized bands for him and her, men’s wedding bands and eternity bands. My Bridal Ring has been selling eternity bands with combinations of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topazes and all kinds of gems and stones throughout the United States

Anniversary Bands

The beauty and grace of anniversary bands is magnificent and requires no explanation. My Bridal Ring is a pioneer in selling customized anniversary bands and diamond bands of all kinds that enhance the look of your jewelry.

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