New York


A whirlwind of elegance and activity, New York is famous for its sites like Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. The vibrant city is larger than life with its culture, food, arts and entertainment being top-notch. Known for its exclusive stores, shops, Broadway performances and businesses, its charm captivates everyone.

For decades, New York has been catering to the jewelry demands and creative spirits of its customers that are local or have come from abroad and creating a unique, innovative and superlatively-crafted and embellished especially for your memorable days like wedding anniversaries, baby showers and birthdays. From white diamonds to colored diamonds, unusual cuts, colored stones, birthstones, rare gems and custom designs, New York adorns it all in the best fashion.

The culturally diverse clientele of New York adds to the magic and makes it a fun shopping experience of jewelry for the locals of the New York City. The buyers of New York love wearing vintage designs, custom order bands, engagement bands and other handmade bands.

New York’s jewelry experts offer help to ensure that you select the best quality bands and diamonds along with personalization and customization services so that your pick is as perfect as your desire!

According to data published by Digital Commerce 360, online jewelry sales grew a modest 13.2% in 2019, more than five percentage points behind the 18.9% growth Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 retailers achieved as a whole.

Nowadays online platforms for sale of jewelry are known for selling certified diamonds and jewels. Such platforms are safe, secure and transparent making them highly reliable for making a valuable purchase.

My Bridal Ring also offers customization from our huge inventory of bands, diamonds and gemstones to make a combination that you will love. Experience a whole new range of men’s wedding bands, women’s wedding bands, engagement bands and anniversary bands. We have the widest collection of bands present in all metals like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Commemorate a special memory or a trip with My Bridal Ring’s customized wedding bands, anniversary bands and eternity bands today!

Men's Wedding Band

For the most magical wedding bands, just like your relationship, shop from My Bridal Ring with exquisite, innovative, fancy and stylish men’s wedding bands for your special someone.

Women's Wedding Band

Wedding bands symbolize love, commitment, promises and affection. Let your timeless vows become a memory of lifetime with our GIA certified women’s wedding bands as you embark the institution of marriage forever and beyond

Eternity Bands

We are sellers of a wide range of statement pieces like GIA certified wedding bands, customized bands for him and her, men’s wedding bands and eternity bands. My Bridal Ring has been selling eternity bands with combinations of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topazes and all kinds of gems and stones throughout the United States

Anniversary Bands

The beauty and grace of anniversary bands is magnificent and requires no explanation. My Bridal Ring is a pioneer in selling customized anniversary bands and diamond bands of all kinds that enhance the look of your jewelry.

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