Los Angeles


Los Angeles lies in the heart of California and has a diverse economy characterized by various businesses with a broad range of professional and cultural fields. The second largest city of the nation is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, sun-baked hills, soft beaches, art institutions and also as entertainment center of the United States’ film industry.

The city also has various museums and exhibits full of inspiring art and diverse cultural experiences. Los Angeles is home to nearly 55 magnificent structures, 225 theaters and also has some of the most contemporary art museums of the world.

A locality dedicated to jewelry, Los Angeles takes pride in having a district named ‘The Jewelry District’ which has a variety of local jewelry stores specialized in making custom made jewelry with excellent quality work and intricate details. Two of the earliest jewelers to establish stores at ‘The Jewelry District’ in 1932 were the Laykin Diamond Company (LaykinetCie) and Harry Winston & Co.

With wedding bands for men and women, anniversary bands, engagement bands, rubies, sapphires, loose diamonds and other gemstones, an average Los Angeles customer has the appetite to have it all. Moreover, with the onset of online shopping in the jewelry segment, Los Angeles has quickly become a prominent destination for the sale of the best jewels in the jewelry industry.

The men and women of Los Angeles prefer wearing a wide range of exquisite jewels that have been made with traditional and yet modern techniques. The jewelry wear amongst the wearers includes diamond bands, eternity bands, engagement bands, customized bands for him and her and a lot more.

Los Angeles is also the city where professional jewelry services like loose diamond setting, ring sizing, and jewelry repair can be done with ease and convenience. Designer wedding bands, anniversary bands, solitaire bands are all easily available in the Los Angeles market making it one of the most preferred destinations for wedding jewelry shopping.

Los Angeles is famous for its magnificent hand-picked jewelry collection and diamonds that are GIA certified and for its jewelry assortments that are definitely loved by all.

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