One of the largest metropolises of America, Chicago is a top-rated tourist destination and is famed for its architecture, museums, masterpieces of art and the best skylines. Also known as the Windy City, Chicago is famous for its must-see attractions and sites like Millenium Park, Adler Planetarium, Chicago River walk, Magnificent Mile, Shedd Aquarium and Navy Pier Centennial Wheel among the others.

Chicago is a major world financial center, with the second-largest central business district in the United States. Chicago has been a hub of the retail sector since its early development. Manufacturing, printing, publishing, jewelry making and food processing also play major roles in the city’s economy.

Chicago has also seen a distinctive fine art tradition with millions of travelers and tourists visiting the city each year. Visitors also come with a desire to buy fine jewelry, wedding bands and other customized jewelry to Chicago.

Jewelry has become an integral part of our everyday lives and the jewelry industry’s size in Chicago is growing with each passing day. In accordance with the data published by Capital Counselor, the online jewelry market is expected to amount to $19.88 billion by 2024 and that 81% of consumers avoided going to jewelry stores due to health concerns.

This signifies the growth of online platforms and markets that sell authentic and certified jewelry. Apart from being safe and secure in payment processes, it has now become easy to purchase quality jewelry online in order to have a unique experience at the comfort of your homes.

My Bridal Ring excels at sale of wedding bands, anniversary bands, eternity bands and other common bands for men and women at the most reasonable prices, free engraving facility, crafted to perfection for you or your special someone. The online platform also provides for trained staff members who assist you at each step before you place your precious order.

With flamboyant, aesthetic and exquisite designs to choose from, My Bridal Ring has a collection in various variants of 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold and similarly in 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold and 18K Yellow Gold

You can browse the website for the most cherished designs trusted by thousands of Chicago users who order jewelry online and are extremely satisfied with the experience.

Men's Wedding Band

For the most magical wedding bands, just like your relationship, shop from My Bridal Ring with exquisite, innovative, fancy and stylish men’s wedding bands for your special someone.

Women's Wedding Band

Wedding bands symbolize love, commitment, promises and affection. Let your timeless vows become a memory of lifetime with our GIA certified women’s wedding bands as you embark the institution of marriage forever and beyond

Eternity Bands

We are sellers of a wide range of statement pieces like GIA certified wedding bands, customized bands for him and her, men’s wedding bands and eternity bands. My Bridal Ring has been selling eternity bands with combinations of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topazes and all kinds of gems and stones throughout the United States

Anniversary Bands

The beauty and grace of anniversary bands is magnificent and requires no explanation. My Bridal Ring is a pioneer in selling customized anniversary bands and diamond bands of all kinds that enhance the look of your jewelry.

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